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BOAT is protecting our community, especially the young, to prevent future generations from what can be the long-term costly; physical, mental and emotional affects of drug misuse.





BOAT – Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team
Saving Lives at Camp Campbell

“Without the training we had recently received, this young man would have surely died. Special thanks to everyone involved, especially to Jennifer-Punkin Stepp of (BOAT) Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team who made this possible.”

Camp Campbell – I’ve never been more proud of our My Daily Armor Team than I was tonight. Jim had kicked off our “Street Church” Easter Service when a lady came up to us from out of the camp and told us that someone was dead.

Our nurses Mary and Susan grabbed their Go-Kit, and along with Norm, and Cindy, headed into the camp while Laura and I contacted 911 and waited to direct EMS.

When our team reached the camp they encountered a non-responsive 37 year old male. Mary checked for vitals and did the Sternum Rub (still no-response), and made the decision at that time to administer Narcan. A decision that almost certainly saved this young mans life. Almost immediately after she administered this life saving drug, he came to.

EMS and Metro police arrived on the scene and took the patient via ambulance to the hospital. They told us we had made the right decision.

Without the training we recently received, this young man would have surely died. Special thanks to everyone involved, especially to Jennifer-Punkin Stepp for the training, and to John, for making that connection. To our nurses for their immediate life saving response. To everyone who prayed for this young man during Street Church.

Without question, God had his hands all over us tonight. I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve along side all of you. Our team truly has been blessed beyond measure.

Scott Goldbach
CEO / Founder My Daily Armor Ministries

BOAT Bullitt Opioid Addiction TeamBOAT – Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team

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(BOAT) Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team's mission is to prevent potentially fatal overdoses and diseases due to the misuse of drugs, especially opioids which include Heroin. We partner with local First-Responders, government, schools, correctional facilities, community organizations, etc. to raise awareness and educate Bullitt County, as well as other communities, about this health emergency.

BOAT Bullitt Opioid Addiction Team
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